January 23, 2015

Maata Games is hosting a worldwide competition

The Arnhem-based company Maata Games BV, Akoni’s partner since many years, is hosting a worldwide competition about its future online game Erectus™.

The contest revolves around the designing and naming of one of the characters in the game. The winners will be offered a trip to Arnhem, Tokyo or Davao to experience the game’s launch. Maata Games BV will be releasing an online game named Erectus™ in the spring of 2015. The game tells of the dramatic encounter between the Homo sapiens and Homo erectus that happened on earth 130.000 years ago. In the run-up to the game’s release the company will be hosting a worldwide competition, the best drawing and the best name will be chosen and used by Maata Games BV in the Erectus™ game or used as inspiration for editing to create fitting elements in the game.

(税込) (税込)

You can check out the pre-release version of the game and participate in the contest here.

The full press release in Japanese and English.

September 22, 2014

give and take


one of the (many) things, i learned from my dad, who also ran his own business, is that business is not only about how you do it but also a lot about who do you know and how you treat them, after getting to know them, quite often based upon a mutually understanding give and take basis. luckily, at akoni we can say that most of our clients have been with us from the early beginning and some even a bit longer as our operations in japan, dating back to 1996 in tokyo.

ever since then, we have been very professionally guided by the team of kyanos tax support, in all our corporate accounting and tax issues, in order to comply with all japanese legal and financial regulations, sometimes even receiving very valuable personal advice on major financial decisions in japan. so it goes without saying, we were very honored and excited when our own tax-accounting firm called upon our team to assist them with a request to create a website that would appeal to potential new overseas customers interested in doing business with japan, written in english.

after some of our usual client hearing sessions, our design team came up with some ideas, of which the one in the left corner of this post, was finally selected. as this website will be a work in process from now on, in close consultation with our client, the basic idea is to provide hot news in regard to japanese tax, accounting and financial regulations that affect business owners with overseas roots. and, last but not least, if you are looking for a small but well-organized and experienced bilingual team for any kind of financial advise in japan, we sincerely recommend you to contact Ms. Nemoto or Ms. Oka of Kyanos Tax & Accounting, conveniently located in Shibuya and who knows, they might return you some give and take business patronage in the future.

September 18, 2014

there are no problems, only solutions

he, who is without fault, cast the first stone. sometimes, all of us, write ‘big’ business references on our corporate website(s) and social media channels, but very often, most of the daily work we all do, is small stuff (surely not less important!), mainly evolving around solving day-to-day problems of our clients as we do walk the talk of being a customer centric organization. recently, our client contacted us in regard to changing the vanity URL (/EUryugaku) and name of their facebook page from EUCircle to EU留学 (Study in Europe).

as we all know, facebook, as a platform, is pretty famous for constantly changing and adapting their policies and procedures in regard to any kind of changes and merges related to their pages. so, we sat down with the client, did our initial hearing, started lodging our URL and page name requests and different from some time ago, the URL was changed promptly while the page name took another 2.5 weeks before completion but happy to inform that our requests, in line with the requirements of our customers, were approved and executed as of today. so as for EUCircle, happy reincarnation into EU留学 (Study in Europe)!


July 30, 2014
 シグナスX SE44J  フロントカバー 白 『バイクパーツセンター』【楽ギフ_のし宛書】
【初売り】JSM SUS PVDチタンコート シグナスX 用 サイドスタンド チタン焼き色
PMC Z/KZ サイドスタンド贈り物
●日本正規品●(クーポン配布中)武川 Ape100/XR100 Motard用スーパーストリートアウターローターキット SP05-02-0003
【楽ギフ_包装】HONDA純正 メインハーネス TODAY(AF61)
【予約】(クーポン配布中)POSH アプリオ 93-95/アプリオ タイプ2 96-97/アプリオ-EX 94用 Racing CDI スーパーバトル P241062
LEDヘッドライト バイク用 LEDヘッドランプ 一体型 CREE PHILIPS LED クリー フィリップス H4 Hi/Lo 色温度変更 ハーレー BMW CBR CB CBX NS NSR VT VTR TDR TZR VOX XJR XZ マグザム マジェスティ ゼファー Z1000 ZX レビュー記入で送料無料【2015A/W新作★送料無料】
【★大感謝セール】(クーポン配布中) デイトナ ハーレーダビッドソン用 DMC PROMINECE ベゼルカバーキット[ブラック/クローム] 76099
【新発売】LEDヘッドライト バイク用 LEDヘッドランプ 一体型 CREE PHILIPS LED クリー フィリップス H4 Hi/Lo 色温度変更 YAMAHA ヤマハ シグナスX 対応
バイク用 HIDフルキット 35W H4 H L 2灯 6000K 8000k 10000k 15000k 30000k ケルビン数選択 車検対応 低電圧起動 安定出力タイプ 安心3年保証訳あり
早割クーポン!HD-01550 キジマ ヘッドライト ベゼル 04年以降 XL 黒
★レビューで送料無料★LEDヘッドライト 形状H4【正規品】
【クーポン対象外】S&S スーパーストックステルスエアークリーナーキット 2008-2015 ツーリング系 S&S CYCLE 品番 170-0061 ハーレー パーツ
K&N ケーアンドエヌ リプレイスメントフィルター【メーカー公式ショップ】
特価ヒロチー キャブレター キット VM22 ミクニ
【激安セール】SPタケガワ[SP武川]:コンパクトクールキット 3F 4L ノーマルヘッド用
【在庫処分大特価!!】送料無料 GJMS製 BWS/ビーウィズ125 Fi 軽量化 アルミスイングアーム
ヤマハ マグザム MAXAM ローダウン メッキフォーク 左右セット【訳あり】
期間限定特別価格マジェスティS ・SMAX ローダウンブラケット ウイルズウィン
★日本の職人技★アドレスV125 アルミリヤサス 315mm OKD製

nous parlons aussi francais a akoni (pardon our french)

(税込)given the increased speed in changes of internet technologies nowadays, several clients have been calling upon our services for their online needs. so also ajm conseil from france, a family member of one of our contractual vendors. after a face to face meeting in both tokyo and brussels (and a couple of remote skype calls), we had a good understanding of client needs, allowing our team to also smoothly collaborate with their designer and multi-media provider.

movies explaining client’s consulting services were seamlessly embedded, social media buttons and links were integrated and before we knew it ourselves, we were baptizing a new web baby and popping some champagne bottles, after all the work. regretfully, flexibility and a custom focused approach are just too often forgotten by companies nowadays but remember, happy clients come back and make referrals (税込)

July 10, 2014

facebook page of eu delegation to japan obtained verified page status

excited to see that, thanks to the hard work of our client’s team members and our social media team, the official page of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan was approved today as verified page by the facebook team. ever since the verified status, the daily growth of qualified and engaged followers has been booming. #euinjapan

(税込)mainly updating in japanese, but if interested, please feel free to like and follow us at: https://www.facebook.com/euinjapan

June 30, 2014

rightsmith ‘smiths’ rights, akoni ‘smiths’ responsive user interfaces


for our longtime friends, we are always willing to run that extra mile and burn the midnight oil, even if the budget is limited. urgent client request for a bilingual website and secure server requirement so we did our normal client hearings and hocus pocus, a couple of weeks later a new web baby was born at www.rightsmith.com.

client created all the bilingual contents, in close cooperation with the akoni team to assure the tight deadline for going live. at the end, client happy and a tired (but satisfied) akoni team (税込)

February 28, 2014

steganos online shield 365 box sales launch at just myshop at just system

(税込)happy to announce that the japanese version of the german public WIFI internet connection protection software steganos online shield 365 went on sales today at the online shop of just systems corporation, famous for the japanese word processing software ichitaro, as of today friday 28 february 2014.

the japanese download version was launched end of september 2013 via japan’s major software download portal site of vector and has gained a strong foothold of users in japan ever since. steganos online shield 365 protects you extensively and continuously while being on the Internet. It locks hackers out reliably and secures you online when you shop, browse or download -356 days a year. the software prevents continuously against attacks against your PC, your data and your online-identity. and all that is possible through just one click of your mouse. by using VPN servers in 10 countries (IP address: japan, usa, uk, singapore, france, suisse, germany, rumania, spain egypt and turkey), japanese users can also enjoy online services like Spotify, Netflix and Pandora, which are not yet available in japan. at the end of the day, only total data encryption of data gives you optimal protection! in october 2013. steganos online shield was awarded the IT security made in Germany award of TeleTrusT.(税込)

the boxed version went on sale with keys for 5 devices with a suggested retail price of 5,980 yen for unlimited usage for 1 year, supporting windows vista, 8, 8 and 8.1 (32/64 bit). official sales partner is Skill Information from Osaka.

big hand to the complete akoni team for pulling together another new milestone for our business in japan!


February 21, 2014

fy2013 closing

(税込)Thanks to you all, happy to report we could close our financial year 2013 (Jan-Dec) in black ink, following increased turnover and profits.  Thank you all for your patronage. Big hand also to our team, let’s rock & roll together also in 2014!

お陰様で、前期(2013年1月~12月)も無事に増収増益(売上前年比: +19%; 利益前年比: +136%)で決算が出来ました。皆様に感謝申し上げます。本年度も宜しくお願い致します。弊社のスタッフにもhi-5!  #akonikk

follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AkoniKK

January 29, 2014

mens sana in corpore sano

(税込)our team members are not only fast working, they are also pretty fast when commuting to the office.

the rumor though goes that their time from leaving the office to home after work is seemingly even faster. when a beer stop is involved on the way home, time is even faster (税込)

January 24, 2014

time for akoni to makeleaps


A new year also means new resolutions for the company and given our, luckily and annually, increasing volume of business, we have decided to make(a)leap to the paid online and cloud-based price quote, delivery note and invoicing system of the Japanese company Webnet IT Corporation’s service MakeLeaps, based in Kami-Meguro. Their facebook advertisement strategy surely worked.

Established in 2003 and managed by the long-term foreign residents Jason Winder and Paul Oswald, it gives us the possibility to issue documents both in English and in Japanese and in multi-currencies. The standard/professional layout templates surely have room for improvement but the back-office system seems to be solid, otherwise, you can not service +12,000 companies, including Peatix and GinzaMetrics. Having depended too long on MS Excel (guess I am the one to blame…mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) for our invoicing, we finally made the jump since the beginning of 2014. So if our future invoices look slightly different as what you were used to, you know why now (税込) and we can now tick off one of our resolutions!